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          *** Its play importent rules for good health. Very very powerfull substance of food is called vitamin. Its play as organic catalyst in metabolic process. Only the vitamin D is produced in human body and the other vitamins are produced in plant. There are two kinds of vitamins as per its solubility
                             a) FAT SOLUBLE Vitamin:-        Vitamin A, D, E, K.
                             b) WATER SOLUBLE Vitamin:- Vitamin B complex, C, Folic acid.

SUORCES ARE:-                    Milk, butter, ghee, cod liver oil, fish, carrot, tomato and other yellow coloured fruits and vegetables.
DEFICIENCY SYNDROM:-  Night blindness,
                                                 Growth disterbance,
                                                 Xerosis and keratomalacia,
                                                 Destroyd of epithelial tissue,
                                                 Exessive growth of some bone in skull and vertibea,
                                                 Paralysis of lower extrimity by latharism may be,
                                                 Firtility disterbance and death of foetus may be.

Vitamin D or CALCIFEROL:
SOURCES ARE:-                   Fish liver oil, liver of fish eating animal, faty fish, cod liver and shark liver oil, egg yolk etc.
DEFICIENCY SYNDROM:- Ricket may develop in children, in the deases bone will soft and premature which may broken by body pressure,
                                               Delay teething in children,
                                               Structure of teeth will not good,
                                               Bone will be brokenable, sharp and curved,
                                               Osteomalacia may develop in old age women.

Vitamin E or TOCHOFEROL:
SOURCES ARE :-                  Liver, egg yolk, fresh vegetable, oil of cropseeds, wheat, soyabin oil etc.
DEFICIENCY SYNDROM:- Sterility or infirtility may develop,
                                               Ingested food will not conjumed properly in our body,
                                               Heamolytic tendenciy of RBC may develop.

Vitamin K:
SOURCES ARE:-                  Dry fish, green vegetable,tomato, soyabin etc.
DEFICIENCY SYNDROM:-Bleeding tendency may develop.

 Vitamin B1 or THIAMINE:
SOURCES ARE:-                  Liver, milk, meat,egg yolk, nut, bean, cereals of rice,pea etc.
DEFICIENCY SYNDROM:-Physical and mental depression, imotional tendency, irritate habit, anorexia, weight loss, weakness.
                                              Heavyness and weakness of leg during walking.
                                              Numbness, tingling and pining sensation over the body.
                                              Precodial pain.
                                              Bery bery may develop.

Vitamin B2 or RIBOFLAVIN:
SOURCES ARE:-                 Milk, egg, fish, meat, liver, kidney, yeast, brown nut, cereals of rice,   soyabin, green vegetables etc.
DEFICIENCY SYNDROM:-Photophobia./afraid with light.
                                              Over lacrimation.
                                              Anguller stomatitis./ulcer in lip joint.
                                              Glositis./ ulcer tongue.
                                              Itching and watery discharge in eye.

Vitamin B6 or PYRIDOXIN:
SOURCES ARE:-                 Liver, egg yolk, fish, meat, milk, cereals of rice, yeast, wheat, vegetables etc.
DEFICIENCY SYNDROM:-Abnormal irritation of nerv.
                                             Vomiting tendency.
                                             Xeroderma / dryness of skin.
                                             Pachyderma / thickness of skin.
                                             Smoothness of heir will be loss.
                                             Nail will be thin britle and spoonshaped.

SOURCES ARE:-                 Fish, meat, egg, kidney, liver, milk etc.
DEFICIENCY SYNDROM:-Immature RBC may develop.
                                             Minimize sensitivity of peripheral organs and tissue.

SOURCES ARE:-                Fresh and sour tested fruits, orange, amloki, guava, lemon, mango, tomato etc.
DEFICIENCY SYNDROM: Scurvi will takes place.
                                              Weight loss.
                                              Swealing of gum.
                                              Swealing of wrist and ankle joint in case of children.
                                              Bleeding per gum.
                                              Skin rigidity.
                                              Anoemia may develop.
                                              Delay healing of any ulcer.
                                              Delay to union of fractured bone.

SOURCES ARE:-                 Liver, kidney, vegetables etc.
DEFICIENCY SYNDROM: Anoemia. It is an adjuvent vitamin which helps to cojume iron in the body.

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