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Kalojira / kalonji / black cumin


      Botanic name:-Nigella Sativa.

It is a very effective miracle and aromaticus seed. Indication and use of kalojira in many diseases are as fallows.

  1. Virtigo:-Massage the kalojira oil your forehead for cure virtigo.
  2. In case of delivery:-For easy delivery,  any women may eat kalojira and honey mix to get a miracle result.
  3. Skin disease:-Kalojira oil, rose oil and equal quantity of atta mix together and heated by sunbeam, thereafter this mixture use your skin disease external for good result.
  4. Rheumatism:-Kalojira oil and worm honey together massage hardly in your rheumatoid area.
  5. Hypertension:-Eat regular few drops of kalojira oil with boiled water.Massage the oil all body in sun at the time of taking bathe per week, your blood pressure become normal.
  6. Pain in urine:-Massage the oil everyday before sleeping over the ureter and drink with honey.
  7. Malaria fever:-Drink lemon juice with kalojira oil twice a day for cure malaria fever.
  8. Eye pain:-Drink a few drops of kalojira oil with worm water or carrot juice before sleeping everyday to cure your eye pain.
  9. Cold and chest pain:-Give one spoon of kalojira oil in the pot of water, now boil this until vapourish, then take inspiration with vapour few days before sleeping. Your cold and chest pain will decrease for this.
  10. Acidity:-To cure acidity drink one glass of worm milk with honey or sugarcane juice and kalojira oil.
  11. Asthma:-Take inhalation with boiled kalojira oil twice a day, and massage kalojira oil and powder in chest.
  12. Chronic ulcer:-Ten drops oil, with honey and dry orange mix together in a pot.Eat the mixture and then drink a glass of milk without sugar continuously for two month.
  13. Cancer:-Massage thrice a day the oil in whole body and eat a spoon of kalojira powder with carrot juice after taking meal continuously.
  14. Weakness:-Drink a glass of orange juice with ten drops of kalojira oil everyday for ten days.
  15. Throat and teeth pain:-One spoon of oil mix with a cup of vinegar and gargling by this mixture with water. Can massage oil external also.
  16. Headache:-One spoon of kalojira , rose, lobongo and mouri mix together vigorously and eat the mixture with milk at the time of headache and get a instant result. 
  17. Smoking addiction:-22gms of kalojira oil , 20gms of til oil, 500gms of pure honey mix well. One teaspoon of this mixture eat thrice a day before taking meal.
  18. Colic pain:-Take equal quantity of kalojira, mouri, chamomail and heat them. Thea add one teaspoon of kalojira oil and big spoon of honey. Eat this mixture as necessary.
  19. Mental weakness:-Eat small amount of kalojira for ten days.
  20. To increase memory:-Heating the spinach first and mix seven drops of kalojira oil and honey. Drink this regularly to replace tea or coffee. Your intelligence and memory increase too quick.             

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