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Genetically Modified Food, A Hazardous Choice

 By: Brady Toms
Genetically modified food continues to be within the news a great deal in the past couple of years.

Also referred to as GM food, these kinds of substances are hybrid's that were modified on the molecular level ahead of being consumed. Normally, it's crops that have
  been designed by people inside a lab by utilizing various biology tactics, scary!

Traditionally, new crops would be created by way of breeding, but that may be time consuming, and there's no guarantee that the result will likely be what you desire. So as an alternative, biologists modify an present crop to provide them exactly the traits they want in a quite effective and quick manner through gene engineering. Okay, you should be getting nervous now. Are you catching this, these companies and researchers are playing God within a lab by looking to recreate meals.

Needless to say, this kind of genetic experiment has brought a lot of controversy, with folks rallying to protest against genetically modified food, especially in the European Union, in which a series of laws have been passed in a variety of nations. Generally, nearly all of Europe has banned genetically modified food. And I'd like to congratulate Boulder, CO in which each of the citizens rose up and collectively via legislature had genetically modified food banned in their community! All other cities and states should follow suit!

What are some of the benefits and disadvantages of Genetically Modified Food?

There are no positive aspects to genetically modified food. These firms would lead you to believe with Monsanto being the biggest culprit, that there are two main motives for the creation of genetically modified food. First, to improve crop yields and 2nd, to cut back herbicides, effectively neither has materialized. It has been statistically confirmed that the crop yields haven't increased and there has been no reduction in herbicides or pesticides, none!

A vital point of note, Monsanto was the original creator of "agent orange" in the Vietnam war along with the key chemical identified in agent orange is now utilised in Monsanto's other poisonous killer, the popular Roundup! 80% of all genetically modified crops are sprayed with Roundup and 75% of all processed meals now is made up of genetically modified food!

There have been several complaints about GMO's. One such complaint is the unintended consequences against other species. As an example, some varieties of butterflies are recognized to survive on really specific kinds of plants produced by God, but can't consume genetically modified ones, and might perish because of it. An additional concern may be the transmission of these new traits to other species, such as weed. If crops are bred to become resistant to pesticide, and they interbreed with some weed, then they as well could turn into significantly tougher to cope with.

The biggest concern nevertheless will be the unknown effect gene therapy can have on human wellness. By introducing foreign genes into crops, that may create new allergens, which has previously happened or other unknown outcomes when men and women consume GMO's.

Case in point, we already know that the herbicides in Roundup are lethal to frogs and toxic to human placental & embryonic cells. Genetically modified food is previously linked to the following;





Cancer causing

Creates "Super-Viruses"

On account of these concerns, and how prevalent genetically modified food has become, governments around the world have been hard at work creating laws and regulations to control this kind of research. Each country approaches this topic differently. In Europe for instance, protesters have been quite active, and many nations already have strict laws in place. Within the US however, there is various government organizations that oversee genetically modified food, but few regulations have been passed so far, what a shock! We are just backwards in this country, it's all about the benjamins and curbing population.

How to Protect Yourself From Genetically Modified Food

"read the labels", every time, and stay away from everything with the following in it;


Soy lecithin

High fructose corn syrup

Papayas from Hawaii

Milk with rbGH

Aspartame or Nutrasweet or any of those little chemical packages

Also, stay away from soybeans, corn, corn flour, corn meal, dextrin, starch, soy sauce, margarine and tofu unless it is clearly marked as "USDA Organic". If it's not marked as USDA organic then there is an 80% chance it is genetically modified food.

The absolute best way to avoid genetically modified food is to consume organic fruits and vegetables and stay away from foods within a box, packaged or wrapped in plastic. This will be the best wellness care plan you can have for you and your family!

You will find a whole lot of good quality products that are not genetically modified food in which you can get your 6-8 servings organic fruits and veggies in 1 serving, NatraBurst is one I use and trust!

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