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Concept of food and nutrition



                   The liquid or solid substance which we take for our physical growth, repair, nutritionheat and energy produce, immunity increasing etc. is called food. e.g. rice, wheat, bread, fish, milk, fruits, vegetables etc.


                                   In general ingestion, digestion, absorption, metabolism and excretion of food is called nutrition. It is an anabolic process. The food which we eat, is unfit for absorption by cell of the human body. That's become fit for cell by the process of nutrition.The fallowing human organs are participate in nutrition, mouth, buccal cavity, tongue, pharynx, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and the digestive gland also( liver, gall bladder, pancreas ).

             It is a largest gland of human body, its position is under the diaphragm and right side of stomach. In adult the liver weight is about two kgs. It is called the biggest factory of human body for its massive function related to nutrition.After digestion necessary part of food is collect and flow in liver by portal vein from intestine for anabolism and catabolism.

                                It is seven - eight cm large bag like organ bellow the right part of the liver. Bille which produced by liver is stored in gall bladder.

                      That gland's position is bellow and left side of stomach. It's length is 20 cm and width is about 5 cm.Very importent hormone INSULIN is produced by the pancreas. 


There are six chamical element are find out by analysis all of the foods over the world.These are fallows-

                                        It produce energy in human body. glucose, fructose, sugercane, beat, rice, potato etc  are the source of carbohydrate. There are three kinds of carbohydrate-
                                                                                 a) Monosaccharide
                                                                                 b) Disaccharide
                        These helps to repair and growing up of human body. Its a complex organic matter by carbon(c), hydrogen(h), oxygen(o) and nitrogen(n). Egg, milk, fish, meat etc are the first class source of protein and wheat, bean, peanut etc are second class source of protein.There are not enough amino acid in 2nd class protein, for that reason two or more protein would coocked together for better protein suplement. It is very importent subject of nutrition.

(3) LIPID or FAT:-
                              These helps to produce heat and energy in our body.Egg yolk, cod liver oil, fat, ghee, butter, soyabin, musterd oil, sunflower seeds are the source of lipid.

                                       The salts helps us to build up our body structure and prevent acid alkali balance of human body. Sodium, potasium, calcium, phosphorus, iron etc are the essential mineral of human body.

                          Its play importent rules for good health. Very very powerfull substance of food is called vitamin. Its play as organic catalyst in metabolic process. Only the vitamin D is produced in human body and the other vitamins are produced in plant. There are two kinds of vitamins as per its solubility.
                             a) FAT SOLUBLE VITAMIN:        Vitamin A, D, E, K.
                             b) WATER SOLUBLE VITAMIN: Vitamin B complex, C, Folic acid.

(6) WATER:-
                     It helps to controll biochamical reactions of human body. In and outside of every cell of human body have suficient water. Amount of water is 55-65% of the total body weight. Find the diferent two way of water in human body.
                            a) INTRACELLULER WATER,
                            b) EXTRACELLULER WATER.
Fallowing amount of water is excret from our body,
By urine------------1500 ml.
By skin---------------600 ml.
By lungs-------------400 ml.
By stool--------------100 ml.
Total----------------2600 ml.

So we should drink equal amount of water everyday for healthy living and keep minimum knowledg related Food and Nutrition.

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