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Tomato is the most popular garden vegetable in the world. It is usually easy to grow and a few plants provide an adequate harvest for most families. The quality of tomato picked in the garden when fully ripe far surpasses anything available in the market. Tomato plant is a tender, warm season perennial that is grown as annual in summer gardens all over
the world.

There are too many varieties of tomatoes are now available for the home gardener and professional firmer. They range widely in shape, color, size, plant type, season of maturity, disease resistance.

Nutritional value

Nutritionists have always known tomatoes were good for human body. Tomatoes are packed with vitamin C, fiber, potassium and vitamin A in the form of health promoting beta carotene which converts to vitamin A after eating in human body. It is also source of lycopene, which prevents you from any cancer. Lycopene may fight against cancer, especially prostate cancer. Like beta carotene, lycopeane is a carotenoid, responsible for the bright red color of the tomato. Lycopene is available in all ripe and red color tomatoes.

Nutritional Facts ( one cup chopped raw )

Calories ……..24
Protein……….1.1 grams
Carbohydrates..5.3 grams
Dietary Fiber…1 gram
Potassium…….254 mg
Vitamin C…….22 mg
Vitamin A…….1,133 IU

Tomatoes are very good for canning, freezing and drying. You can make your own sun dried tomatoes with a forced-air dehydrator. Dried tomatoes should be packed in a airtight containers. They shouldn’t be packed in oil for longer than one or two days, and they should be stored in refrigerator. Sun dried tomatoes which are commercially prepared in oil have been treated to prevent bacteria growth.

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