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Food in case of Kidney stone.

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              If once stone develop in your kidney you may affected again any time, even may be accurate treatment you taken. For that reason minimize the risk of reaffect of kidney stone you can do something change in your lifestyle especially in your eating habit by recommend of your physician.
Drink sufficient amount of water everyday is the best policy to minimize the risk of stone formation in kidney. May drink you about twelve glass of water everyday.
Limit certain eating:- Change your eating habit to depend on what kind of stone is formed in your kidney.                           
In case of calcium oxalate stone:- Avoid high calcium enriched food and dairy product and excessive vitamin C. Limit tea and cola drink and chocholate, brown nut eating.
In case of uric acid stone:- Avoid beef and fatty food. Because these are increase the production of uric acid.
In case of cystine:- Minimize to taking of high methionine enriched product ( methionine is one kind of amino acid ). It is available in fish. these are increase production of cystine.

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